our heart

StatsCan affirms that there are well over 2.1 million Canadians enrolled in post-secondary education. The majority of these students are young adults who are sorting out their life choices either with or without God. Most of them, quite frankly, have never had the opportunity to engage faith at any real level. Most of them will make their decisions without any reference to the living God who created them and who passionately loves them.


Any reference they might have is most likely a caricature.


The absence of an eternal reference point for meaning, purpose, value, love, ethics and , well, life itself spills over into all aspects of our human existence. Whether it is in the personal lives of students or in the disciplines they are studying, it makes a vast difference.


Our students will soon become our cultural and societal leaders and shape the future of our country at every level. They will do so without ever encountering the reality of who Jesus actually is and the incredible difference he can make in their lives and consequently the world around them.


We believe that to be like Jesus, we need to be compassionate, courageous and creative. We also radically need His love, power and wisdom in order to do it. We want people on campus to encounter the ‘real deal’. That means intelligent, supernatural, grounded Christianity that will challenge both mind and spirit. It means doing so in the context of a community of grace and truth right where people live and study.


This isn't just dreaming. We have communities like that all across the country. We need more of them. We are working at creating the spiritual context in which they can flourish.


We also need to keep focusing at becoming better at what we do. There is always room to learn and improve. We have no illusion that we 'have it all together'. We want to realize our strengths and confront our weaknesses, within a context of mutual support and encouragement.


In distinction to other paradigms of doing campus ministry, we believe that Jesus is calling us to develop missional communities marked by humility, curiosity and service. What that means is that we do not feel we are "It"... although we are part of what God is doing. It means that we learn to care enough about others that we are able to ask questions and take the time to find out about their lives and walk with them in their journey. We build bridges. Further, regarding "service" consider the words of Jesus.. " The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a sacrifice for others".


So, if we were to distill it, we have a desire to reach our campuses with Christ's transforming love by raising up more and better missional communities of worship, discipleship, fellowship, prayer and mission all across our country.